Small-bore Rifle and Pistol shooting encompasses air weapons event with the .177 calibre pellet
and small-bore/rimfire events with the .22 round.

pellet.177 pellet   .22 round.22 round

Events are shot on ranges that vary in length from 6yds - 100yds

Disciplines in Detail

Air Pistol

Air Pistol is shot from an unsupported standing position holding and firing the pistol with one hand. Most pistols use compressed air (sometimes CO2 gas) to propel the 4.5mm (0.177 inch) calibre pellet the 10m to the target. Pistols have a maximum weight of 1.5kg, the trigger must be able to support a weight of 500g before firing and must fit in a box of set dimensions. Flat-soled shoes that do not cover the ankle are the only specialised clothing allowed.

Air Rifle

Air Rifle is shot from an unsupported standing position. Most rifles use compressed air (sometimes CO2 gas) to propel the 4.5mm (.177 inch) calibre pellet the 10m to the target. Rifles have a maximum weight of 5.5kg. Specialised clothing is worn to enhance the stability of the shooting position.

Benchrest Rifle

h4>.22 bench rest shooting can be practised by anyone with a love or interest in target shooting but is also hugely favoured by anyone with a disability or who finds the prone position particularly difficult, painful or uncomfortable for whatever reason.

Prone Small-bore Rifle

This is the most stable of the small-bore shooting positions due to the large support area and low center of gravity. It is the entry level discipline for most new club members.

Kneeling Small-bore Rifle

This position has a smaller area of support and a higher centre of gravity than prone, consequently the hold is not as stable. One knee is placed on the ground and the other used to support an elbow, the rifle is then supported in the hand. Shooting from the kneeling position requires much practice and some additional support equipment for the shooter, such as a kneeling roll to go under the instep of the foot which is bent.

Standing Small-bore Rifle

Standing shooting is perhaps the hardest discipline to master as it is the most unstable. The fact that 5 shots are taken at each aiming mark is a good pointer that unlike prone shooting they normally do not all go into the same hole and make scoring difficult.

Sporting Rifle

Lightweight sports rifle became popular after the UK ban on pistol shooting. Using a sporting rifle the shooter fires at the target from a standing position at 20yds. This discipline can be extremely challenging, as it is difficult to hold the rifle steady and centred on the target.



Although they differ in size for the different ranges, all targets are black circles with white lines depicting the different scoring rings.

The piece of paper with the target printed on it is known as a 'card'. The actual black circle is known as an aiming mark or more correctly a 'diagram'.

Inward or Outward Gauging

Some cards are scored using 'inward' gauging method, i.e. the edge of the shot hole nearest the centre is used to determine the value. A shot hole has only to touch (not cut) a scoring ring to count the higher value.
Alternatively the 'outward' gauging method is used, i.e. the outer edge of the shot hole that touches a scoring ring counts the lower, not the higher value.

10M Air Rifle target on the left and 10M Air Pistol target on the right.
air target
These targets are scored using 'inward' gauging.

25yrd Small-bore Rifle prone target
22 prone target
On this target one shot is fired at each aiming mark and the total score possible is 100 (a 'ton'). The spot in the centre has no numerical value and is only used as a tie-breaker. The 10 ring is the innermost white circle and these cards are scored using 'outward' gauging.

Due to the round nose type of projectile used, these targets are scored accurately by means of a plug gauge which has a flange the exact diameter of the bullet. The gauge is a push fit in the hole, which closes up after the bullet has passed through the target.

25yrd Small-bore rifle standing target.
22 standing target
On this target five shots are fired at each aiming mark and the total score possible is 100 (a 'ton').

25yrd Small-bore rifle kneeling target.
22 kneeling target
On this target two shots are fired at each aiming mark and the total score possible is 100 (a 'ton').

20yrd Sporting rifle standing target.

Image awaited

On this target ten shots are fired at the aiming mark and the total score possible is 100 (a 'ton').